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10 Examples of Car Colour and What they Represent Best

Posted by Auto Loans Canada on 01/09/2015

Your car is a reflection of yourself in many ways. And if there’s one thing in your vehicle that truly brings out your personality, it would have to be its colour. In fact, the shade a car is painted in, can mean the difference between a driver buying it, or looking elsewhere. If you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, it’s worth spending time trying to figure out what is the best car colour for you. You’ll appreciate your vehicle a lot more if you choose the right colour, and having a greater liking for your car will have ripple effect in terms of how well you maintain it.

Fifty Shades of…

Find the colour that best suits your vehicles isn’t all vanity. Sure, there is the beauty aspect – no one wants to drive around a car that they’re ashamed of. However, there are some other practical reasons to give colour some serious thought. And they’re for your own good, both now and in the future.

The Right Shade Pays

A good car colour appeals not only to your eyes, but to other drivers as well. In a literal sense, you’llWhite cars are considered the best car colour based on its global popularity and connotations. probably turn a few heads if you’re driving a red Camaro on a busy street. But the right colour is a selling tool as well. Some shades have been recognized as being more popular, and as a result, sell more than others. Throughout the world, white has become the most popular colour, including Europe, South America, Asia and here in North America. Black and silver are also top sellers, although there are signs that drivers are taking interest in more expressive colours as well. What this means for you as a driver, is that choosing the right shade means a higher value for vehicle (slower depreciation too), especially if you plan to trade it in.

Cool, Confident…Clean

When your car sports the right colour, it’s like looking at a piece of art. All those cool lines and designs wrapped in a colour that speaks to onlookers raises your appreciation for it. But there’s also the issue of cleanliness. Some shades, especially the lighter ones like white or gray get dirty much faster than darker cars. That’s not necessarily a problem since you should wash your vehicle regularly. But it is something to think about. However, light colours aren’t the only ‘dirt’ magnets. Bright shades are the equivalent of vacant signs on bathroom doors for birds. Seagulls, especially, love to poop on cars that are bright, because they see their reflection in them, and view this as a threat – which they address by dropping their droppings on cars.  Again, this isn’t a huge deal, but keep in mind you may have to wipe your car more than average depending on the car you choose.

Meaning Beneath the Surface

The focal point of this article is the concept of symbolism. If you ever studied literature or films in school, you might remember a teacher talking about the particular effect a car had on readers/viewers. Well, colour symbolism also matters in cars too. The colour of your car conveys a certain attitude or emotion, and it affects people (both you and onlookers) more than you think. Not only do certain colours work better (or worse) with specific car shapes, they also give a people a sense of the kind of person you are, even if your personality traits don’t add up.

The Wheel of Colour

As mentioned in the previous section, colours deliver a “message” to other people. Much like the shade of your shoes or shirt, other people around you will form certain opinions (that are sometimes biased but sometimes true) based on the colour of your car paint.


Silver may mean second place on the Olympic podium, but it puts you ahead of the rest when it comes to elegance. A car that’s silver gives off the impression of being futuristic and prestigious. And it makes perfect sense. Many luxury sedans, coupes and supercars are sold in silver.


If you want to look powerful (even a bit intimidating) on the road, black is your colour. Picture a black Black is your best car colour if you want to look powerful on the road. Escalade, Hummer or Mustang on the road – they look formidable. It’s also the preferred colour for police officers and government agents in various countries. Black also shares the quality of elegance with silver, but is seen as a more classic colour.


Buying a white ride signifies that you’re someone who values purity and perfection. Dirt and debris is more visible on white cars, but drivers of these vehicles often spend more than the usual time and effort to keep them clean. That in itself reveals the mindset of these car owners – they work hard to ensure that things are in order.


If you’re an expressive person, then red or yellow may be your best car colour. One of the most vibrant colours in the book is red. It’s highly expressive, and it gives off the impression of a driver who is bold, outgoing and energetic. Some even associate it with being sensuous. For this reason, it’s common to see sporty cars painted in red. But it can work for just about any type of vehicle, providing the driver is a vivacious person.


Blue is a unique colour, because it’s various shades convey different meanings. A car that’s light or medium blue gives off a sense of calmness, and works well with economy and family cars. A dark blue car on the other hand is associated with confidence and authority – a more forceful message than lighter shades. Of course, either might just be a natural preference, but to others, the type of blue you choose can represent your personality in different ways.


Orange, like the colour red, is a bright and expressive colour. However, the energy it gives off is more subtle than red, and it usually implies that the individual is artistic and creative. It’s generally hard to rock the colour orange in anything, so there’s definitely some truth to its meaning.


Green is like blue, in the sense that its varying shades carry differing meanings. A car coloured in light green makes you look like an organic and humble person – perhaps, it makes you look like an environmentalist. Dark green, however, shows that you’re trustworthy (not to say light green makes you seem like a liar) and balanced. Green can be a tricky colour to work with, but tends to look great if that car is right.


If you’ve got a funny bone or are just naturally enthusiastic, yellow is your colour. A car painted in yellow gives off the vibe that you have a sense of humour, and are often in a bright mood. It’s a great colour for sports cars. Yellow joins the category of vibrance, which is occupied by red and orange, and it’s a good option for you if you’re a light-hearted individual.


Are you the type of person who has perfected the art of making a poker face? Then your ideal car is probably grey. Cars coated in grey come across as neutral and straight-forward. That doesn’t mean boring. In fact, if you’re the type of person who prefers a grey car, you’re most likely the kind of individual who is practical and realistic.


Although it is a rarer colour seen in cars, it happens to be one of the most complex. There are so many meanings associated with grey. Brown is on par with black, in the sense that it symbolizes power. However, it also makes one seem more unique. Brown cars also give off a degree of elegance and style, without appearing to be overpowering as seen in black vehicles. And then there’s beige, which makes one seem down-to-earth. The lesson here is, don’t fear brown – it might be the best car colour for you if you’re a complex and multi-dimensional person.

Colour Speaks Louder than Words

If you have a colourblind mentality when it comes to cars, it’s worth your while to develop a greater appreciation in this regard. You most likely have a favourite colour of some sort, and it probably shows in terms of your clothing, interior decorations and even some of your food choices. That’s why it’s safe to say that you naturally have a colour you’d like to see your car in. With that said, the colour you choose shouldn’t be something that you’ll regret later on, or draw the wrong kind of attention (although that your choice is deeply personal). Ultimately, what you decide upon should invigorate you to get behind the wheel, and drive feeling full of pride.