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Should You Care Which Country Builds the Best Car Brands?

Posted by Auto Loans Canada on 05/10/2015

There are some countries that have a reputation for building or supplying the best of a certain product. Some countries are particularly known for building some of the world’s best car brands. Colombia is known for its coffee, Japan for its electronics, and Switzerland for its health care. What about cars? You’ve most likely heard something similar, where certain countries have a reputation for building cars that excel in certain features. And it’s true. We’re highlighting the countries known for having the best car brands – companies known to build vehicles that have superior performance in at least one aspect of driving (although some things may have changed). If you’re looking to buy a new (or used) vehicle in the near future, it’s actually worth knowing what these brands are.

Choosing a car that brings you the most value for your money is key. 1. Get the most value

Although cars depreciate, it doesn’t hurt to buy a car that retains its value for as long as possible. After all, you most likely won’t keep it forever. But trade-in values and selling aren’t the only reasons for buying a high value car. There are various aspects of driving that can make a car worthwhile or not. And if the features of a car don’t match the price, or if they aren’t up to par with your lifestyle, you won’t get your money’s worth. As we’ll discuss in a moment, some countries are responsible for brands that produce cars that excel in certain performance areas, and among the selection, some will be better for you.

2. Acclaim, accolades and awards

Everyone has their own preferences, but you’ll realize that some car brands receive great reviews from both journalists and consumers. Again, your personal choice comes first, but you might be one of the drivers who’s having a hard time deciding what car you should take home. And if you’re unsure, it’s good to listen to the advice of those who are knowledgeable. The best car brands – in whatever category they’re praised for – are the ones that have been recognized as the top vehicles in that particular area of performance. It’s a form of validation. So when you see a car model from a particular brand winning an award of some sort, it’s a hint that you should consider it, providing it fits your needs.

3. Confidence

Ultimately, when you buy a car, you want to feel comfortable with your decision. You don’t want to feel Choosing a vehicle that are among the best car brands gives you confidence. that sense of doubt (or regret) after signing the dotted lines since you’ll be indebted to this car for a while (especially if you’re in a long-term loan agreement). And if there’s anything that can give you confidence about a certain vehicle, it would be the co-signs given by others. A brand that’s rated among the best in a particular category will give you a strong reassurance that you’re making a good choice, especially if it excels in an area you’re most concerned about.


Often seen as the concern of “older” drivers, safety is an aspect of driving that all major brands take seriously. With that said, some do so more than others. Granted, technology has improved the safety capabilities in just about all vehicles. But few still can meet eye to eye with the ever reigning car brand for safety – Volvo – which is the byproduct of Swedish engineering. According to tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Volvos have the highest safety ratings when compared to other brands. They’ve maintained this reputation for several years, and continue to win awards for their high performance in the safety department. So if you’re looking for a highly-revered vehicle for its safety capabilities, Volvo is the way to go.

Fuel Efficiency

There have been some good weeks at the pump – days where gas prices dipped low enough to cause backups at the gas station. But that shows how rare of an event that is. Gas prices have risen and remained relatively high over the years, leading to a growing desire for people to buy fuel efficient cars. You’re most likely among this group too. There’s a push among all automakers to build more fuel efficient cars, including hybrids and fully electric-vehicles. However, some brands have been consistently putting out vehicles that are renowned for their fuel efficiency. The country known for building the most fuel-friendly cars at the moment is Japan.  Among these are Honda or Toyota, which are very popular among suburban households and those looking for vehicles in the family category. Korea comes in at a very close second, while American-made cars round things out in third place.


Needing a car and needing a car on a budget are two different things. There are plenty of vehicles out there that deliver outstanding performance in terms of safety, fuel efficiency, and towing capacity. But many of them come at the expense of your wallet. Some brands have built a strong reputation for themselves by manufacturing affordable cars, without sacrificing performance. Korea has accomplished this, through Hyundai and Kia, both of which produce affordable cars that are both reliable and stylish. In fact, many of these vehicles start under $20,000, making them great options if you’re looking for a new car that doesn’t drain you of every dollar.

Towing Capacity

If you’re a construction worker and outdoorsy-type, there’s a good chance you probably need to haul some heavy loads or large machinery. If that’s the case, you know a hatchback won’t cut it. You need a truck. Although there are some cars that can tow surprisingly heavy amounts of weight, it’s advantageous to buy a truck that’s built for pulling heavy equipment. Coming from a culture that has traditionally valued power and strength, American truck brands reign supreme. For example, the 2016 Dodge Ram can pull an astounding 31, 210 lbs! If your life requires you to regularly tow things like canoes or tractors, then an American-bred truck brand is a great option.


Now there’s some of you who won’t hold any bones about your desire to drive a fast car. You play racing games for it, you might be the type to play racing games, go to local auto shows and put posters of fast rides on your wall. And if you had the cash, you’d buy one of these cars in a flash. It may come as no surprise to you, that Italy produces the fastest cars on the planet. They’re the cars that turn heads on city streets, and encourage people to take selfies beside them (ie. Ferrari, Lamborghini). The Lamborghini Aventador, for example, has a top speed of 354 km/h (220 mph), which is perfect for the speed freaks out there, providing the $485,000 price tag isn’t too much for you.

It Must Come From a Good Place

If you think geography is overrated when it comes to your choice of car, think again. There is plenty of truth in the claim that some countries build cars that are superior to others when it comes to certain features. More importantly, it’s worth knowing who the key players are. This will make your choice of a car easier, especially if there’s a certain aspect of performance that matters most to you. By doing so, you’ll find a vehicle that offers you the utmost value for your money.